Medtronic 780G Insulin Pump with A1C Wear Screen Protector

Installed a Screen Protected on my Medtronic 780G Insulin Pump

Having recently upgraded to the Medtronic 780G insulin pump after a couple of years with the trusty 670G, I was taken aback by an unexpected ding on my new pump’s screen. My 670G had served me well, without a single scratch on its screen throughout its tenure. Naturally, seeing a ding on my brand-new 780G felt a bit disheartening.

While I do use an insulin pump case, which helps ensure my pump’s overall safety, the screen still remains exposed. Hence, a screen protector seemed like a logical next step. For a modest $7, I turned to Amazon and found the A1C WEAR – 4H Tough TPU Screen Protector for Medtronic Insulin Pumps.

The online purchase was straightforward, and upon its arrival, I was able to easily follow the included instructions for a quick application. The screen protector not only serves its core protective function but also somewhat elevates the aesthetic of my pump. Admittedly, there’s a minuscule air bubble, but it doesn’t impede the visibility or function of the screen. For those curious about its appearance, I’ve attached photos to give you a clearer idea.

Medtronic 780G Insulin Pump with Screen Protector in Type 1 Tactical Holster (Case)

In summary, while the A1C WEAR Medtronic Insulin Pump Screen Protector for 780G is just one part of my pump’s protection strategy, it’s been a valuable addition. If you’re a Medtronic Insulin Pump user, considering this screen protector might be a good idea. It’s a minimal investment for added peace of mind.

Until the next share, remember, it’s not just about managing our health, but also about safeguarding the tools that help us do so.

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