Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

Secure Your Diabetes Devices: My Take on Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

Are you grappling with the all-too-common dilemma of peeling tape from your CGM or infusion set? Today, I’m excited to share a product I recently discovered: Mastisol Liquid Adhesive. Thanks to a gracious sample from Medtronic (See my post on the Adhesive Sampler kit), I’ve discovered the “feels like nothing” effect of this mighty product.

Mastisol Liquid Adhesive, a non-irritating solution, is a steadfast ally when it comes to keeping tapes firmly in place. Whether it’s a CGM sensor’s edges starting to flirt with freedom or an infusion set that hints at a premature departure, a dab of Mastisol, applied with a Q-tip, renews the adhesive’s vow to stick through thick and thin.

What’s truly intriguing is one of its key ingredients: methyl salicylate. Known for its analgesic properties, it could very well be the reason behind the comfort Mastisol provides. It’s not just about stickiness; it’s also about maintaining that ease and freedom, ensuring nothing distracts you from enjoying everyday life.

Mastisol Liquid Adhesive, “For the most difficult dressings over a protracted period”

Initially, the price tag for a bottle made me pause. However, delving into the depths of insulin pump forums and reading many positive anecdotes, I decided it was worth it. One user even claimed a single bottle lasted them an entire year – talk about value!

But let’s get to the heart of the matter: this is about more than just convenience. For those of us depending on insulin pump systems, the integrity of our device’s attachment isn’t a trivial concern—it’s critical. Environmental factors like temperature, humidity, sweat, and exercise can challenge the best of adhesives, but Mastisol responds with a robust fix.

Coupling Mastisol with extended infusion sets, which I use for 7 days at a time, has brought a significant ease to my routine. It’s a simple step with profound impact, providing peace of mind and saving money and hassle by preventing a sensor or infusion set from falling off.

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Let’s talk about longevity and practicality. Are you curious about how Mastisol could simplify your daily diabetes management? Or perhaps you’ve found another adhesive solution that works wonders for you? Share your stories and tips in the comments below – your insights could be the beacon someone needs to navigate their pump life more smoothly.

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