All my Diabetes Shit Travel Bag

Insulin Pump Accessories

Here I share some of my favorite items! There’s lots of insulin pump accessories available, but really only a handful of must haves. Check out my tried and true recommendations.

CGM Adhesives

Making sure your CGM stays on is paramount to smooth sailing through life as an insulin pump user.

Hypafix Tape

Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape

After trying many adhesive over tapes for my CGM, Hypafix has become my go to choice because it adheres very well and is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic. It’s also very affordable, as it comes in rolls that last a long time.

I like it because I can cut it into any shape. I can use two pieces and cover the Guardian transmitter separately from the sensor, making it easy to remove transmitter for charging or to re-start if necessary.

simpatch CGM over patch

SimPatch CGM Over Patch

Protect your CGM with this simple solution. Affordable option and many color choices. Strong adhesive. Stays on well.

 CURAD Alcohol Prep Pads (Pack of 4 Boxes), Thick Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol Prep Pads

I always use these when changing my insulin pump site and my CGM. They wipe away skin oil and sanitize the skin, to ensure that I don’t get an infection. Helps make adhesives stick better.

Travel Accessories

Insulin Cooler with Ice Pack

Cooler Insulin Case with Ice Gel Pack

This is what I use when traveling with insulin. I see a lot of expensive options out there, but this straight forward cooler case works reliably well.

The ice pack keeps the insulin cool all day. It’s the perfect size for a couple insulin vials and insulin pens.

All my Diabetes Shit Travel Bag

“All My Diabetes Shit” Travel Bag

A very fun bag.

Great gift idea too 🙂


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