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A Look at Medtronic’s Adhesive Sample Kit

As someone deeply entrenched in the world of diabetes management and technology, I’ve long been a proponent of finding the best ways to ensure our essential devices stay put. My journey has taken me through various products and solutions, with Hypafix Tape emerging as a personal favorite due to its superb adhesiveness and hypoallergenic properties. Yet, the quest for knowledge and better options never ceases. Recently, Medtronic’s gesture of including an adhesive sample kit with a replacement Guardian sensor piqued my curiosity and offered a new avenue to explore in the adhesive domain. Here’s a closer look at what the kit had to offer and my thoughts on its contents.

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Exploring the Adhesive Samples

Receiving the adhesive sample kit was a serendipitous opportunity to explore alternatives and potentially enhance my diabetes tech routine. Medtronic, known for their customer-centric approach, not only provided a hassle-free sensor replacement but also a chance to delve into the world of adhesives anew.

The kit contained:

  • Mastisol Liquid Adhesive: This was the standout product for me. Unlike the familiar Hypafix Tape, Mastisol is a liquid adhesive offering a robust solution for securing devices. Its promise of enhanced durability under various conditions (sweat, water, movement) makes it a compelling option to consider adding to my repertoire.
  • Skin Prep Protective Wipe: Preparing the skin properly before applying an adhesive can significantly affect longevity and comfort. These wipes aim to create an optimal surface for adhesion, potentially improving the wear time of sensors and sets.
  • IV3000: A transparent film designed to protect and secure devices. This product has positive reviews about this working well to hold on sensors.
  • Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing: Similar to IV3000, Tegaderm provides a waterproof, flexible barrier, ensuring devices remain securely in place, protected from external factors.
  • I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipe: Ensuring the application site is clean and antiseptic is crucial. These wipes help reduce the risk of infection, providing a clean slate for device attachment.
  • Detachol Adhesive Remover: Removing adhesives can sometimes be as challenging as ensuring they stay on. Detachol offers a skin-friendly solution to this issue, minimizing discomfort.

Reflecting on New Possibilities

This kit has introduced me to new products. I will be trying each of these and testing whether they make a difference in solving adherence issues.

Success with Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

Recently I inserted an Extended Infusion Set, but the adhesive on the infusion set didn’t adhere well to me. I never had this problem before, so maybe this was just a one off issue. Wanting the infusion set to stay secure for the full 7 days, I opened up the Mastisol sample and applied it to under the infusion set where the adhesive wasn’t holding. It magically stuck very well, and I had no issues!

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There are so many products to choose from. Not having to worry about lack of stickiness means one less diabetes struggle.

What’s your favorite product? Do you use any prep products? Do you use Metronic’s oval tape, or any alternative over tape? Does you CGM and infusion set usually stay on the full length of time? Please share your tips!


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