Medtronic Minimed 670G Insulin Pump in Type 1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster

Type 1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster: First Impressions

After reading rave reviews on diabetes forums, I purchased the Type 1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster for my Medtronic Minimed Pump (My pump model is the older 670G, but this one is compatible with other models including the newer 770G Insulin Pump too).

It wasn’t just the excellent reviews that got me to purchase this rather pricey pump case and clip. I also started feeling concerned about whether I was securing my pump well enough while bike riding. In general, I’ve been a pocket pump wearer, but occasionally I’ve had the pump slip out of my pocket. For a device that my life depends on, I don’t want any accidents!

First, let’s talk about the clip

The Type 1 Tactical case has a very sturdy clip. It clips well to either my belt or directly to my pants. I don’t always wear a belt, and that isn’t an issue. The clip is much wider than the Medtronic clip and feels much stronger.

Type 1 Tactical Insulin Clip is much larger than OEM Medtronic clip
Pictured: Type 1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster on left, original Medtronic pump clip on right.

If you are already using a clip to secure your pump to your clothes, you’ll probably be pleased with this one. Admittedly it’s a bit harder to clip on, but it also is very secure!

The Tactical Case

The case seems very sturdy and fits the pump very closely. It was a bit tight at first, but now that I’ve been using it for about a week, I can slide it out of the holster with one hand. I have small hands, so using two hands is definitely easier. It does make a “click” sound when removing it from the holster.

Picture of the Type 1 Tactical Case
Pictured: Type 1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster (Compatible with Medtronic 630G/640G/670G/770G)

I like having my pocket back…

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When it’s clipped on to my belt, I don’t “feel” the pump’s presence, and I have my pocket available for other things. It definitely feels good to not have it stuffed into my pocket. However, if I’m not wearing a long shirt or outer jacket, my pump is quite visible when I’m wearing it clipped onto my belt. So, at first, I felt self conscious, but I do feel that not hiding my pump is being true to myself. I generally want more awareness of diabetes, so making it visible is good in that sense. I need this insulin to be alive — people should know how important this is!


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