Picture of me wearing my guardian sensor 3 CGM on my arm

If I Sleep ON My CGM…

If I sleep on top of my Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM), with it pressed between me and the bed mattress, it will likely lose the signal from the transmitter. If the signal doesn’t come back right away, it will beep and wake me up. So, because of this, I try not to sleep in such a way to cause this to happen. If it does happen, the solution is just to roll over on to my other side and the signal will come back after 5-10 minutes.

My CGM is a Medtronic Guardian 3, which automatically communicates my sensor glucose value to my insulin pump and then the insulin pump adjusts delivery based on that.

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I wear the CGM on my arm. I switch arms when I change my sensor, which is every 7 days. I have to remember which side to sleep on.

Having medical devices in bed is always a little inconvenient.

One reason I find this interesting, is that I hear that if you use a Dexcom CGM that you can get a compression low from sleeping on your sensor, which is a false low blood glucose reading. I’ve never experienced this with my Medtronic CGM. That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. Just noting my experience here and how it differs.


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