Alternative CGM Sensor Placement: Trying MY THIGH!

For those of us who depend on Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to manage our diabetes, identifying the ideal location for our sensor makes life easier. Everyone is different as to where on the body works best. I’ve been using the Guardian sensor, traditionally placing it on the upper arm as recommended. However, I decided to try a different location recently: the outer upper thigh.

My specific reason for trying this was I needed a mammogram and wanted to keep my transmitter out of the way. Inspired by discussions within the diabetes online community, I learned that many users had positive experiences with placing their sensor on the outer upper thigh, near the area of their jeans pocket. Despite initial concerns about discomfort and the potential for my clothing to interfere with the sensor, I decided to proceed with curiosity and caution.

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My Experience with Outer Thigh Placement

Comfort Beyond Expectations

The outer thigh placement was surprisingly comfortable. Insertion was painless — I attribute that to having some fat on my thigh — but maybe it was just luck. Contrary to my fears, daily wear such as jeans did not disturb the sensor. It integrated so well into my daily life that I barely noticed it was there.

Privacy and Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages I discovered was the placement’s discretion. Located on my thigh, the sensor was out of sight, providing a level of privacy I greatly appreciated. Additionally, this location offered easy visibility and access for self-insertion, eliminating the need for mirrors or assistance required for placements on less visible parts of the body.

Adjustments and Solutions

Adapting to this new placement did require some adjustments. Extra care became necessary when changing clothes to avoid catching or dislodging the sensor. I also encountered an issue with the adhesive tape peeling away, which was resolved by switching to a tape with a stronger adhesive (specifically, I used Hypafix tape which sticks very well and is hypoallergenic), securing the sensor’s position for its duration.

Inviting Your Insights and Experiences

This exploration into alternative sensor placement has been enlightening and has broadened the conversation around personalizing our CGM systems, regardless of the brand—Medtronic Guardian, Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, or others.

I’m curious to hear about your experiences. Have you tried different locations for your sensor? What was your experience? By sharing our stories, we can help others navigate their options for diabetes management.

Whether driven by comfort, discretion, or ease of application, your CGM experiences are invaluable to our community. Let’s share our knowledge and experiences to support each other in our diabetes management journeys. Your insights, tips, and stories are not only welcome but essential in fostering a more informed and supportive community. Together, we can explore the diverse options in diabetes care, making each day a bit easier and more comfortable for everyone.


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  1. I’ve also found my thigh to be a great CGM location!!

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