Welcome to My Journey with Diabetes

Hi there! I’m Lin May. Living with diabetes has been a pivotal part of my journey since my early 30s. I navigate the world of LADA Diabetes, a form that mimics Type 1 in that my body can no longer produce sufficient insulin, but with a twist—my condition unfolded gradually, delaying my need for insulin.

I started my diabetes writing journey by blogging about my experiences with LADA Diabetes. However, as my journey evolved, so did my methods of management, particularly my transition to insulin pump therapy. This website is born from a desire to dive deeper into that experience—to share not just my story, but the practical insights, triumphs, and challenges that come with insulin pump use.

My mission is simple: to empower and support others navigating their diabetes, whether Type 1, Type 2, or other less common varieties that benefit from insulin pump technology. Here, you’ll find a blend of personal anecdotes, tips, and resources aimed at fostering a supportive community for insulin pump users far and wide.

Though currently in its early stages, with a focus squarely on substance over style, I’m eager to develop this space into a comprehensive hub. In the meantime, your patience and engagement are greatly appreciated as I work towards enhancing the site’s design and functionality.

Let’s connect! Your thoughts, stories, and suggestions are invaluable. Send me a message or follow my updates on X. I’m also open to collaborations, be it guest posts, book reviews, or product evaluations.

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Together, let’s navigate the complexities of diabetes with knowledge, technology, and mutual support.

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