About Lin May

Hello! I’m a busy woman writing about living with diabetes and using an insulin pump. I was diagnosed with diabetes in my early 30s. I have LADA Diabetes which is being treated as Type 1 for me personally, since my body no longer produces enough insulin. One of the main differences from Type 1 is that its progression was gradual over a number of years, so I didn’t immediately need insulin.

I originally started a blog about my experience with LADA diabetes.

I’ve created this website as a more focused place to specifically share my experiences, tips, successes and struggles with treating my diabetes with insulin pump technology. My hope is that I can help other people with diabetes, and I want to reach the widest audience possible, as insulin pump use is common among people with Type 1 Diabetes, and even some people with Type 2 Diabetes use insulin pumps. There are even other less common types of diabetes that also may be treated with insulin pump therapy.

I am based in the United States and I work as a software developer.

This site is in its infancy. I’ve focused on content over design to get this site launched. When time allows, I plan to upgrade the design too. First, I want to get this content out to you all!

If you’d like to reach out to me, you can email me by writing to lin AT insulinpumplife.com or you can connect with me on twitter.

I will consider posts by guest authors, as well as books to review, and products to evaluate.

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